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Welcome to Thai Therapy Galway. If you are looking to enhance your health and well-being in a relaxing and professional environment, you have come to the right place!
Thai Therapy Galway offers a wide range of traditional Thai treatments to relax and reinvigorate both body and mind. The techniques practiced have been used in Thailand for centuries to promote a healthy lifestyle. Our salon is equipped and maintained to a very high standard.
I have trained and practiced as a therapist both in Thailand and Ireland and I hold professional qualifications from both countries. I am an member of the Irish Massage Therapists Association (IMTA). Clients who hold a health insurance policy with Irish Life Health can avail of reimbursement for some treatments through their policy. Please contact us for further information.

Qualified Member of IMTA Ireland

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Treatments & Prices

Traditional Thai Massage

60 Mins / €50 | 90 Mins / €70
A combination of acupressure and stretching techniques that employs the use of the therapist’s fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet on the body’s muscles, pressure points and energy lines (“Sen”) to clear energy blockages and balance the body’s energy. It relieves muscle tension, reduces stress and improves blood circulation.

Aromatherapy Massage

60 Mins / €50 | 90 Mins / €70
A luxurious blend of long relaxing strokes and Thai essentials oils, which have various specialized effects on the body and mind, through skin and inhalation. This therapeutic treatment is designed to create a feeling of physical relaxation and calm, whilst mentally uplifting and clearing the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage

60 Mins / €50 | 90 Mins €70
It is used to release muscle tension through deep pressure massage. Natural Thai herbal balms (Saledpangpon Balm and Plai Balm) will be utilised to contribute to easing aches and pains in specific areas of the body. This treatment suits the individual who enjoys intense, strong massage. At all times the client response will control the pressure and comfort level.

Herbal Compress Massage

90 Mins / €80
A unique Thai therapy to alleviate pain and soothe sore muscles. Beginning with a Traditional Thai Massage, “Luk Prakob”, a warm pouch of steamed Thai herbs, is then applied to the body in a kneading action. This allows the medicinal heat to soothe muscle aches, increase lymphatic drainage and blood circulation and condition the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Swedish Massage

60 Mins / €50 | 90 Mins / €70
This classic European body massage technique uses soothing and relaxing strokes to induce relief from stress and tension, while stimulating blood circulation. Pressure can vary from soft to medium, in accordance to your personal preferences.

Thai Head Massage

30 Mins / €30 | 60 Mins / €50
Thai Head Massage concentrates on the neck, head and shoulder where tension tends to accumulate. The treatment relieves tension in the muscles supporting the head, re-balancing head posture, increasing blood flow to the area which help to calm the mind and release mental and physical stress.

Thai Foot Massage

30 Mins / €30 | 60 Mins / €50 | 90 Mins / €70
An ancient massage technique using acupressure on reflex points located on the feet, which correspond to specific glands, organs and all major body parts. It promotes circulation, relieves stress, eases tension and speeds the elimination of toxins by restoring the body natural balance through reflex points on the feet.

Back & Shoulder Massage

30 Mins / €30 | 60 Mins / €50
This massage is designed to loosen up the stiffness and stress of the muscles in particular areas of the back, shoulders and neck. This treatment will improve blood circulation, induce deep relaxation and ease away muscular aches and pains. It is ideal for people who sit in front of the computer or at a desk all day.

What is "Tok Sen" Massage?

According to legend, this massage more than 2500 years old. Tok Sen Massage – this ancient healing procedure is based on the therapeutic effects of Thai massage with tapping of the whole body with special hammer and a stick. Tok Sen can be called “Thai massage for gourmets. Sen translates as: Tok – the sound made by hitting a wooden object with another wooden object and Sen – energy lines that pass through the human body. The hammer and the wand are made of tamarind tree, struck and charged by lightning, and always blessed in the monastery. Our bodies have numerous energy channels in which the “chi” flows. Traditional Thai and Chinese medicine maintains that a person is healthy only when “chi” flows without obstruction. In addition to the stagnation in the energy meridians, the main places of blocking the passage of energy in the body are the bunches (especially along the spine), where it is difficult being worked by conventional massage techniques. Tok Sen allows the master to reach the energy blocks with this painless technique by tapping wooden hammers and vibratory waves penetrate deep into the tissue. Originated and developed the practice at the ancient Kingdom of Lana, this is now the north of Thailand (Chiang Mai). Therefore, you will not find this massage in the tourist areas of Thailand and especially not in Europe. Tok Sen – is a unique, one of a kind massage and it’s therapeutic effect is recognized as the most effective massage in the world. This technique allows you to remove the blockage in the energy channels, activate the acupressure points and promote the normal flow of energy in the body, relax the clenched muscles of the body, mainly the ones that are impossible to reach with other massage techniques. Tok Sen massage has a resistant and proven therapeutic effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and some internal organs. Great stretch for the tendons and ligaments, “sets” them in place.
Massage is done, either in clothes that we also use for the traditional Thai massage, also can be done using massage oil.
Tok Sen massage indicated for:
  • Fatigue and lack of vitality;
  • Recovery from stress and heavy physical exertion;
  • Loosening and failure of the immune system;
  • Reduction of muscle tone; Positive effect:
  • Tok Sen perfectly aligns the body energy, removes blockages in the energy meridians;
  • Tok Sen cleanses the body of toxins and removes negative energy;
  • Tok Sen eliminates tension in the muscles and fascia;
  • Tok Sen eliminates the effects of stress and restores the mental state of a person;
  • Tok Sen is very good for headaches, neurasthenia, pain in the spine and joints;

Special Offers

Aroma Coconut Oil Massage - Essential

Aromatherapy Coconut Essential Oil Massage (This treatment is for a relaxing massage with coconut oil to nourishing your beauty skin)

60 Mins / €45

Thai "Signature" Treatment

The Signature Treatment is designed for the client who wants the most benefit from thai massage. This specialised treatment will combine ancient techniques; beginning with traditional thai massage, then using tok sen techniques and finishing with thai herbal compression. These three techniques combine to offer the client a truly unique and reinvigorating experience.

2 Hours / €115

Our service is entirely Therapeutic and Holistic Healing only!



    Holistic Benefits Thai massage is given for prophylactic reasons – in general indispositions (headache, muscle weaknesses, upset stomach, stress and others) and also for healing and rehabilitation. This massage affects strains and infections on muscles, ligaments and joints.
    Thai massage influences longevity by strengthening the immune system and balancing the energy levels.
    Benefits of Mind, Body and Spirit
    The ancient Thai method induces very successfully for reducing stress by leading to full relaxation.
    The use of direct pressure on muscles over most of the body, combined with stretching stimulates bones, joints, muscles, nerves, ligaments and lymphatic system of physiological body:
    • Improves blood circulation, lowers heart rate, and increases the temperature in the area being massaged.
    • Relieves muscle tension, removes toxins from muscle mass, reduces stiffness and enhances elasticity of joints.
    • Stimulates activity of the nerves and sensations with the effects of reducing pain, enhancing sensation to the skin, and improves the function of the internal organs.
    Thai massage has very strong positive influence on spirit, due to revival of the life energy with the tenth energetic channels Sen Sib. Synchronizing the breath with light movements during the transition of each sequence will bring the recipient to calm meditative state.

    What is Thai Massage Therapy?

    Thai massage looks like a cross between acupressure, yoga, and Zen shiatsu and is inspired by Buddhist teachings. The actual massage consists of slow, rhythmic compressions and stretches along the body’s energy lines, also called sen in Thai. Over 70,000 sen are said to exist within the body which power all physical, mental and emotional processes. If there is an energy imbalance, the body’s harmony is disrupted, causing pain and disease. Massaging along these key energy lines can break energy blockage, stimulate the circulation and restore general well-being. Thai massage concentrates on applying pressure along 10 of the most important sen. In doing this, it incorporates acupressure work with a series of assisted yoga-like stretches, in which the practitioner uses his or her hands, arms, legs, and feet to give the massage. The emphasis is on the practitioner using his or her body weight as much as possible while ensuring that the receiver remains relaxed throughout the entire treatment. A Thai massage is typically performed on a floor mat enabling practitioners to use their body weight and to incorporate the many movements that would not be possible with a massage table. Normally, the client remains fully clothed, and lubricant for the skin is rarely used. A Thai massage usually lasts one to two hours, but may be three hours or more if needed.
      Thai massage includes the following four basic positions:
    • from the front with the client lying supine
    • from the side with the client alternately lying on either side
    • from the back with the client lying prone
    • in a sitting position

    History of Thai Massage Therapy

    Thai massage is believed to have been developed by Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, physician to Buddha, more than 2,500 years ago in India. It made its way to Thailand, where the Ayurvedic techniques and principles gradually became influenced by traditional Chinese medicine. For centuries, Thai massage was performed by monks as one component of Thai medicine. While the recorded history of Thai massage was lost during the war with Burmese in 1767, the surviving records are now inscribed in stone and can be found within the temple of Pra Chetuphon in Bangkok, known as Wat Po, the temple of the reclining Buddha. Its spiritual aspect also remains as teachers of the therapy begin classes with the practice of waikru, a series of prayers and recitations dedicated to Shivago Komarpaj, the father of Thai massage and the God of Healing, and teachers of the tradition through the centuries.